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Dr. Paulo Malomalo

Paulo Malo, graduated in 1989 from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon, founded MALO CLINIC in 1995. The large success and exponential growth of his clinic has prompted an extensive international expansion and the birth of an International Health Group, present in five Continents.

Developed by Paulo Malo, the MALO CLINIC Protocol (surgical techniques and innovative products such as the All-on-4-®, the new zygomatic implant, the Extra-Maxilla surgery, the NobelSpeedy® implant and the advanced technical solution MALO CLINIC Bridge) has revolutionized Oral Surgery, mainly in the scope of Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation. With a PhD in Oral Biology, Paulo Malo is a co-author of several books and has published several scientific articles, as well as a frequent guest speaker at about 150 international conferences on Health related issues or Management per year. Aside from his clinical practice and corporate management, he is a visiting professor in several prestigious Universities, as well as leading consultant in four major dental medicine international companies.

Throughout his career he has also received several distinctions and awards, either for his medical breakthroughs, or for his managing, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.