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26. Nov 2018 - 30. Nov 2018 Hamburg, Germany
5 Days Clinical Masters Program In Dental Implantology


Implant Surgery Step by Step with Hands on

  • Surgical techniques for implant placement Step by Step
  • Advanced bone grafting techniques
  • Current Concepts in Immediate Implants
  • Critical Aspects in Soft Tissue Care and Esthetics
  • Vertical Bone Augmentation: Current Concepts and Techniques
  • Hands on

Advanced Fixed and Removable: Diagnosis and Implant

  • Diagnostic techniques and tools
  • Implant Prosthodontics Step by Step
  • CBCT Guided Implant Surgery & Prosthodontics
  • Fixed restoration of the edentulous mandible
  • Removable restoration of the edentulous mandible
  • Fixed restoration of the edentulous maxilla

Fixed Metal-Ceramic Restorations: Advanced Techniques

  • Advanced treatment planning and sequencing for full-mouth implant estorations
  • Gingiva-colored ceramics design and technique
  • Provisionalization: fixed or removable?
  • Zirconia Implant Bridge & Multiple Case Examples
  • Management of complications

Implant Treatment Planning 3D and Hands-On Course

  • CAD/CAM and design considerations for the final prosthesis
  • Maintenance protocols and complications
  • Digital Impression Workflow & In-Office Milling Solutions
  • Case presentation and treatment planning session
  • Implant Insertion, Scanning with Intraoralcamera, Manufactoring
  • Immediat Crown on Modells - hand on workshop

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